Ringing in the NEW!!

While Book #2 is still in development, I thought I'd rake a break long enough to share a tiny bit of news.

First of all, Book #2 is going to be LONGER than Book #1. As of this writing, I'm already at 42,000 words and I'm nowhere near done. Haven't decided on the number of illustrations as of yet or the cover, as I'm focusing more of my attention onto the content. Book #2 will have a little more comedy than Book #1 and more romance. I'm taking a little more time to expand roles for Humanesques not named Ki-Chan as well, so if you like say Lily or Ruey, I don't think you'll be disappointed. 
Second order of business, I've launched my own publishing company, so Book #2 will be the first title under the Koriander Publishing label! Ki-Chan even serves as company mascot, I'm pretty excited about this.
And lastly, Ki-Chan's videos can now be seen on Blubrry, which should also let you add her videos to your iTunes or Android devices. Blubrry also has a 100% FREE Roku app, and everything is playing in HD right now.

2017 Is shaping up to be an interesting year. Please keep checking back as I will begin to unleash new details and artwork from the next book!