I was listening to The Cranberries' "This is the Day" when I drew this piece. If you haven't heard the song before, have a listen on YouTube.

I wanted to draw something that could capture the emotion of this next book. Mindy is no ordinary demon, and Ki-Chan is going to be tested in ways she never has been before.

I'm sharing this today because I am celebrating a personal goal. I've already crossed 50,000 words and I am STILL not done! So this book will be longer than Book #1. Because of this, I'm still trying to decide how much art to add while keeping the cost down for you guys. I'd want Ki-Chan to be able to afford the book too after all, so it will be a balancing act for a few weeks.

Now that I am this far along, I can share with you all a few details. In this book, Ki-Chan's nightmares start to become sharper as she struggles with an unstable new power. Meanwhile, Ti-Chan finds himself a target at their new college, as Mindy seeks to destroy the Humanesques from the inside out. I hope you guys like action, because there will be much more fighting sequences this time around!