Ti-Chan trains Ki-Chan over Chichibu's fields.
When most TV shows, anime, comics, manga, video games or movies take you to Japan, which places do you think of?

If you're the average otaku, you probably are thinking of Tokyo/Nippon, Kyoto or Osaka. These are the three townships I hear about the most, with Tokyo also harboring the popular prefectures of Shinjuku and Harajuku. Each of these areas offers something unique. 

Osaka offers the quiet, suburban images we're used to in many school-based anime, Kyoto gives us the rural, almost ancient-feeling temples we crave for shows about samurai and ronin, and Tokyo of course gives us the futuristic cities and shopping we pine for.

But when I dream of Japan, I dream of Chichibu. 

I dream of Chichibu's ever growing park, it's lush landscapes and it's evolving city.

But why did I choose Chichibu?