From September to this past week, I ran a contest on Facebook. Tag a friend and you could win a spot in the epic final battle at the end of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1, and I am happy to announce that a winner has been chosen.

Congratulations to YouTuber Roger Delmar!!

Roger not only has been drawn for the battle, he also appears as a character in a good bulk of Act 5. Be sure to look for him before, during and after the fight, and also subscribe to him on YouTube!

As winner, he is entitled to a free copy of the book and a signed print of his appearance. I'll be getting in touch with him shortly!

Thank you everyone for participating. I think I may do this again for Book #2! 

To see the winner's art piece, just scroll down a bit.
If you can read this, then you are cordially invited to the release party for Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1!

The place: Facebook! Click Here to join in on the fun, you can enjoy yourself anywhere in the world. Hell, party in your PJ's if you want! Ti-Chan already is.
The date: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
The time: Noon to 10:00 pm EST

I'll be doing a giveaway personally at 7:00 pm, but there are other authors who will also be in attendance, so you may see even more giveaways!

Got any questions? Bring 'em to the party! I might just do a Q&A session. Matter of fact, I have a Q&A for YOU over on CreateSpace. Click here, because I'd love your input. After all, YOU helped me make the cover!

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 is the first light novel in the series, and yes, I am planning on a graphic novel too, but for now, we'll start with light novels. The first book has a story in the back as to how I even made it to this point along with a preview of Book #2. So you kind of get three stories in one book! 

It's written in script style and is packed with art. It'll be available in paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace and digitally (and cheaper) on Kindle.

Hope you'll love it!
Yes, those are official Sailor Moon plushies behind me. 5 brownie points for noticing! You get an additional 10 points if you can name all of the characters behind my head. GO!!
To all authors and cartoonists, I am officially launching the #KiChanCosplay Challenge!

Wanna make a statement this Halloween? Why not cosplay as one of your characters? It's a great way to promote your books and it's a body positive way to support your fans.

We turn to books and comics for escapism and entertainment our whole lives. But many of our fellow readers often feel scared or ashamed to dress up as their favorite characters. 

Our fans may feel like they're too "fat" or too "skinny" to cosplay, or that they're the wrong gender. They deal with peer pressure, harassment and body shaming on social media, and they may feel uneasy about cosplaying as their favorite characters.

But we as writers have the power to fix that, and it starts with us!

Whether you have the body of Adonis or you look like you ate Adonis, you, just the way you are, have the perfect body for cosplay!

If you have characters from a story you wrote or drew, go right ahead this Halloween and cosplay as 'em no matter what your body type!
When Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 launches next month, I hope I can see everybody enjoying the book and cosplaying as their favorite characters. 

I want to see a chubby Ki-Chan, a tiny Ki-Chan, a handicapped Ki-Chan, a male, female or transgender Ki-Chan. I want to see Ki-Chan in every color combination modern genetics can afford. Bring on the cute, the daring, the re-imagining, Hell, I even want to see a zombie or clown Ki-Chan ~ and I don't even like zombies or clowns!

Just as I would host no limit to a fanart of Ki-Chan, I equally hold no limits when it comes to cosplay. And I want each and every one of my followers to feel comfortable and safe cosplaying as Ki-Chan, Ti-Chan or anybody else I've drawn. I want to see people having fun with my work, and it all starts with me and my attitude.

So my name is Koriander Bullard, and I am taking the #KiChanCosplay challenge. Join me!

And if you need a cheap head start, grab my $10 cosplay kit over here. I'll hand-write your autograph in the cap.
You know, when I first drew Ki-Chan fighting Hadagi, I seriously had no idea what an impact it would have!

24 hours after I drew it, it got shared, RT'd and more likes and attention than I knew what do do with. So I grabbed a test group of fans and asked them for some feedback.

The only thing they wanted changed was for me to embellish Hadagi's pants a little bit. So I threw in a zipper and a few other touches.

Everyone who has been following Ki-Chan up to this point wanted to see an action packed cover, and I couldn't think of anything better than to thank my new fans by picking your choice for the cover.

Thank you everyone for the support!!

I am happy to announce that Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 will be launching on Amazon the first week of November. Keep checking back for the final date!
So I've told you all about how I started dreaming of these characters back in 1995. But did I ever tell you that I actually shared three of the characters with you long before I even mentioned Ki-Chan?