Ringing in the NEW!!

While Book #2 is still in development, I thought I'd rake a break long enough to share a tiny bit of news.

First of all, Book #2 is going to be LONGER than Book #1. As of this writing, I'm already at 42,000 words and I'm nowhere near done. Haven't decided on the number of illustrations as of yet or the cover, as I'm focusing more of my attention onto the content. Book #2 will have a little more comedy than Book #1 and more romance. I'm taking a little more time to expand roles for Humanesques not named Ki-Chan as well, so if you like say Lily or Ruey, I don't think you'll be disappointed. 
Second order of business, I've launched my own publishing company, so Book #2 will be the first title under the Koriander Publishing label! Ki-Chan even serves as company mascot, I'm pretty excited about this.
And lastly, Ki-Chan's videos can now be seen on Blubrry, which should also let you add her videos to your iTunes or Android devices. Blubrry also has a 100% FREE Roku app, and everything is playing in HD right now.

2017 Is shaping up to be an interesting year. Please keep checking back as I will begin to unleash new details and artwork from the next book!
Clocking in at 50,289 words exactly, Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 is a certified NaNoWriMo WINNER for November 2016!! You can check out the page here with a free NaNoWriMo login.

For those who don't know, #NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It's a non-profit company that encourages people to write new novels and support their favorite authors. They also have a pretty cute Camp NaNoWriMo program in the summer to encourage young writers to keep at it. They foster encouragement via pep talk emails and badges. 

While Amazon is still showing an incorrect date for certain copies of Ki-Chan, all four prints of the book didn't go live until November 3rd, 2016. So it was counted where I made the final word count within the month of November. If you plan to become an author yourself (or you already are) I encourage you to join me in supporting them. Next year YOU can win!

Come check out Ki-Chan on Amazon:

Color Paperback
Black and White Paperback
Color Kindle
Black and White Kindle
The actual release date for Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 is still November 3rd officially, but certain version "may" have been made available a tad early. Both Kindle versions are only 99 cents!
Full Color Paperback: $25
Full Color Kindle: 99 cents
Black and White Paperback: $8
Black and White Kindle: 99 cents
From September to this past week, I ran a contest on Facebook. Tag a friend and you could win a spot in the epic final battle at the end of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1, and I am happy to announce that a winner has been chosen.

Congratulations to YouTuber Roger Delmar!!

Roger not only has been drawn for the battle, he also appears as a character in a good bulk of Act 5. Be sure to look for him before, during and after the fight, and also subscribe to him on YouTube!

As winner, he is entitled to a free copy of the book and a signed print of his appearance. I'll be getting in touch with him shortly!

Thank you everyone for participating. I think I may do this again for Book #2! 

To see the winner's art piece, just scroll down a bit.
If you can read this, then you are cordially invited to the release party for Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1!

The place: Facebook! Click Here to join in on the fun, you can enjoy yourself anywhere in the world. Hell, party in your PJ's if you want! Ti-Chan already is.
The date: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
The time: Noon to 10:00 pm EST

I'll be doing a giveaway personally at 7:00 pm, but there are other authors who will also be in attendance, so you may see even more giveaways!

Got any questions? Bring 'em to the party! I might just do a Q&A session. Matter of fact, I have a Q&A for YOU over on CreateSpace. Click here, because I'd love your input. After all, YOU helped me make the cover!

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 is the first light novel in the series, and yes, I am planning on a graphic novel too, but for now, we'll start with light novels. The first book has a story in the back as to how I even made it to this point along with a preview of Book #2. So you kind of get three stories in one book! 

It's written in script style and is packed with art. It'll be available in paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace and digitally (and cheaper) on Kindle.

Hope you'll love it!