I was 13 years old and on my third re-write of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter back in 2000. This was election day, and I was sitting in a storage room, trying to think of a real reason why Ti-Chan and the others would leave America. I know I told you before about those dreams I had of everyone in Chichibu, but I had yet to dream of why. But suddenly, I saw a vision. 

I saw a dark, slate blue sky. A nasty thunderstorm. I saw White people fighting each other over the Bible and which copy was right. I saw the sky turn red, as Republicans took over the House and Senate. I saw police officers shooting unarmed protesters, and then, I scribbled the following on notebook paper:

The year is 2016-D.E. And these are rough times for many youths. Since the start of the digital revolution of the era A.D. there has been chaos among the many. Earth's population has dropped to a mere 1.5 billion, after centuries upon centuries of religious based war and famine. America, once a proud and bustling nation, is now a police state, where no longer does freedom of speech reign, but instead a watchful eye is cast on the few adventurous enough to speak boldly against a Christian militia. Graveyards of those slain by the government are adorned with stones of red marble, with one caption: Subdued in the name of God.

But despite a country living in censorship, there are still thirsty minds, hungry for a life abroad. Young men and women, starving for sunshine and oxygen, wanting to shed their dreary gray skies and endless rains, in exchange for a more open classroom. And here is where our story begins…

I took out a line about anything apocalyptic, but I remember keeping this paragraph, because at 13 I thought "WOW! What a great way to start a comic book!" and with that, I turned on the radio, where the Backstreet Boys' "The One" was suddenly interrupted by an interesting phrase out of the boy band's home state of Florida.

Dangling chad.

Fearful, I abandoned writing one more word about America in Ki-Chan's world for four years. The last thing I remember scribbling down was a passage about a paper Ti-Chan was writing about The Statue of Liberty being renovated, and left it at that. 

Then this past April, I re-typed the above phrase and put it on page 7 of Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1. Again, I thought this would provide a decent backdrop for Ki-Chan's world and segue into Ti-Chan's trip.

America... I am so... so sorry.
Yes, those are official Sailor Moon plushies behind me. 5 brownie points for noticing! You get an additional 10 points if you can name all of the characters behind my head. GO!!
To all authors and cartoonists, I am officially launching the #KiChanCosplay Challenge!

Wanna make a statement this Halloween? Why not cosplay as one of your characters? It's a great way to promote your books and it's a body positive way to support your fans.

We turn to books and comics for escapism and entertainment our whole lives. But many of our fellow readers often feel scared or ashamed to dress up as their favorite characters. 

Our fans may feel like they're too "fat" or too "skinny" to cosplay, or that they're the wrong gender. They deal with peer pressure, harassment and body shaming on social media, and they may feel uneasy about cosplaying as their favorite characters.

But we as writers have the power to fix that, and it starts with us!

Whether you have the body of Adonis or you look like you ate Adonis, you, just the way you are, have the perfect body for cosplay!

If you have characters from a story you wrote or drew, go right ahead this Halloween and cosplay as 'em no matter what your body type!
When Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #1 launches next month, I hope I can see everybody enjoying the book and cosplaying as their favorite characters. 

I want to see a chubby Ki-Chan, a tiny Ki-Chan, a handicapped Ki-Chan, a male, female or transgender Ki-Chan. I want to see Ki-Chan in every color combination modern genetics can afford. Bring on the cute, the daring, the re-imagining, Hell, I even want to see a zombie or clown Ki-Chan ~ and I don't even like zombies or clowns!

Just as I would host no limit to a fanart of Ki-Chan, I equally hold no limits when it comes to cosplay. And I want each and every one of my followers to feel comfortable and safe cosplaying as Ki-Chan, Ti-Chan or anybody else I've drawn. I want to see people having fun with my work, and it all starts with me and my attitude.

So my name is Koriander Bullard, and I am taking the #KiChanCosplay challenge. Join me!

And if you need a cheap head start, grab my $10 cosplay kit over here. I'll hand-write your autograph in the cap.
So I've told you all about how I started dreaming of these characters back in 1995. But did I ever tell you that I actually shared three of the characters with you long before I even mentioned Ki-Chan?

So I'm exactly one week removed from revealing Ki-Chan to you all, and you must be wondering, what exactly is it about that yellow baseball cap?

If you were following me on my Facebook page, you likely saw the new artwork on the left leading up to last week's event. I teased drawings of Ki-Chan's cap along with a silhouette of random demons one day, Lucifer and Ki-Chan the next and then a shadow of Ki-Chan and Panti just before the big reveal.

But why a yellow baseball cap?

Well just as I did last week, I'll have to take you back to April of 1995 to start telling the story.

For those of you who don't know me, hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Koriander Bullard. I'm a freelance cartoonist known for drawing professional wrestlers in an anime style and for MOON-lighting as some otaku named Codename Sailor Earth.

What you may not know is that I'm also a science-fiction editor and writer.

For a good while now, I've been teasing this series about a rag-tag team of college students with super powers. What you may not know is why I'm doing this at all.