So just like Ruey, I am an avid gamer. I recently got a copy of Pokemon Moon and discovered on Route 8 that there is a blonde, blue eyed backpacker named.... Kiana?? Well this trainer made me smile for a few reasons:

1. Her name is the same as Ki-Chan. Duh. (Ki-Chan's full name is Kiana Chan BTW.)
2. She actually has almost the exact same coloring as Ki-Chan's new rival for Book #2. (More soon!)
3. Her Pokemon is a level 20 Eevee. Eevee can become one of several kinds of Pokemon and has tons of untapped energy, just like Ki-Chan.
4. Backpacker Kiana has speech bubbles about fighting.

So in honor of this, allow me to give you guys a little back story on Ki-Chan's luggage in Book #1.

Her blue, black and yellow backpack is actually based on my very first ever backpack. Made from the same material most commercial winter coats are, I lugged this thing around from the time I was 4 until I was starting to write Ki-Chan's stories, when very litterally, it exploded. I just don't even understand how, but after so many years of daily use, this thing fell apart. Not just at the seams, the fabric itself blew apart! I was actually pretty upset about losing it, so I decided to let Ki-Chan have it, which seems to go with that yellow cap. My backpack said "High Energy" on the front, so I replaced it with a re-spelling of Ki-Chan. I chose to mix Katakana and Hiragana on purpose, referencing my first spelling mistakes in Japanese. Ki of course can mean spirit or energy, and she can fly, so it all ties in at the end.


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