Wiping his cheek, the man lunges for Ti-Chan. The two exchange blows at a rapid speed. Ti-Chan backs up, luring the man away from Ki-Chan as the fight continues. Once out of the alley, both men take to the sky, hovering above the alley as they duke it out. Not satisfied to stay below, the woman flies up, joining the men in trading kicks. 
Ki-Chan stares at the sky, her vision returning to normal. She can't make sense of why there are three people flying, but before she can justify it, she has a thought.

Ki-Chan: … HEY!! Two against one ain't fair!!

She spots a rock, picks it up, and hurls it at the woman as hard as she can. It smacks the woman right in the back of the head. Taken off guard, the three look down at Ki-Chan.

Ki-Chan: HEY!! I dunno what th' hell ya are, but it ain't fair t' gang up on someone like dat. At least wait yer damn turn ya dumb bitch!

All three look down at her, completely floored.

Man:…………. Did she… did she just? 
Woman: Yeah! She just hit me in the head!!
Man:… So let me get this right. She couldn't fight back when we were double teaming her… but now she suddenly has the strength to chuck a rock at you?
Woman:… You know, that is a little odd. I mean, we're at least a good what… two? Three stories high right now?
Man: And so far, she's not even the least bit curious about us. That's what's bothering me the most right now. Look, just LOOK at us, she HAS TO see we're not human. I mean the fire for hair, glowing, pupil-free eyes, it's gotta freak her out at least a little bit, you know?
Ti-Chan: Not that I want to agree with you or anything, but we're all flying. Most people would be a little put off by that.
Man: You know, you have a point, I didn't even thi-wait what??

The man stares at Ti-Chan, realizing how unnatural it is for a human to fly. He darts his eyes back to Ki-Chan, then back to the woman beside him, slapping his head.

Man: SHIT!! I didn't even realize it!!
Woman: What? What's the matter?

He grabs her by the shoulders.

Man: THINK WOMAN!! How many people have YOU seen flying around like us lately?
Woman: Come to think of it…. Yeah, this is the first time.
Man: Very good. Now THINK!!

He grabs her by the head, re-focusing her gaze onto Ki-Chan.

Man: We are in JAPAN. Just HOW MANY people IN JAPAN do YOU see on a regular basis, with brown curls, giant eyes and THAT complexion??
Woman: Um… none. You know, she looks a little bit a-… oh no… no no no no no…. no you can't… you can't mean!!

The man releases the woman, and starts sweating.

Man: It is. I know it. I know that look anywhere. I should have noticed it before. 
Woman: No!!! NO!! But what we did… it was supposed to nullify this day from ever happening. H-how can she be here???
Man: There is only one reason. We made the mistake time and again of underestimating her power. 
Woman: That… That creature is… the Scorpion soldier… BASHEEBA!!
Ki-Chan: hah?
Woman: Then… then this guy is… Leonis?? 
Ti-Chan: Um… Did you say Leo?
Woman: SON OF A BITCH!!! No no NO!! I can't go through this again!! I just NOW got the nightmares to stop!! All my years of therapy, gone… GONE!!
Man: Calm down, we still have time. Their powers, I can feel it, they're stunted. They're not fully awake yet, we can salvage this moment!
Woman: Quickly, while they're still dormant!

The demonic duo turn sideways and start flying, aiming for Ki-Chan. Ti-Chan tries to catch up, but they're flying too fast for him to reach. Ki-Chan starts to panic, turns, and runs in the wrong direction, towards the wall.

Ki-Chan: AH SHIT!! SWEET SOMBITCH I would have to pick a dead end to hide in now wouldn't I??

She turns around, seeing them coming closer. There are no doors in the alley, nothing she can climb in time. She backs up into the brick wall and just stares at the demonic duo, realizing she has seconds left. As the flames on the man’s head begin to fan, Ki-Chan’s eyes begin to water.

Ki-Chan: This... is... it…
Ti-Chan: KI-CHAN!!
Ki-Chan: I… I…
Man: Your end is NOW Basheeba!!
Ki-Chan: I… I'm gonna… die…
Ti-Chan: NO!!!
Ki-Chan: Bu’... I…. I don' wanna die…..
Woman: READY!!!

Ki-Chan closes her eyes, takes in a deep breath, and screams.

Suddenly, her eyes flash open. The brown in her Iris and ebony of her pupils give way to a blue-white light. 


Ki-Chan forms her hands in front of her breasts, as if she is squeezing a basketball. She then reaches on either side for the walls, releasing a large ball of energy. The ball increases in size, engulfing the demonic duo. 
Ti-Chan backs up in mid-air and shuts his eyes, as the alley glows white.

Some distance away, Ruey and Lily spot a flashing light.

Ruey: What is THAT??
Lily: Heat lightning maybe?
Kameko: Hey that shadow… is that?
Techno:….. Ti-Chan?
Ki-Chan unleashes her power by accident...
Ti-Chan: I’m not sure about this. How many bedrooms are in this house and how big are they?
Lily: Well I know it was only supposed to be the three of us, but it’ll be fine once you see the floor plan.

Marlowe takes a chair and turns it backwards. He sits on the chair wrong-way, leaning his arms and chin over the backrest, facing Lily’s table.

Lily:….. hmm…. Six big bedrooms and then one tiny one. Cecil, you and Violet can have the master bedroom. Techno, you and I can share the second-biggest one. 
Silas: That last bedroom’s too small. 
Marlowe: Yeah.
Kameko: I don't think any of us should take it. I dunno, just a funny hunch I guess.
Silas: Yeah. Hey, this one's roomy. 
Marlowe: If you can keep your exercise crap on your side for a change, we can split it. 
Silas: Alright, but bring your own computer. I'm sick of seeing all your mecha schoolgirl porn on my screen.
Marlowe: Oh come on, it's classic!
Lily: And for Ti-Chan, Ruey and Kameko, I guess that leaves you each one room then.
Ti-Chan I’ll take the room on the other side of the tiny one.
Techno: Oooooh, needing privacy are we?
Ti-Chan: Shut up.
Techno: Okay, all agreed then?
All: YES!!
Ti-Chan: Alright then. Get some rest tonight. Tuesday morning, we leave for Chichibu-Tama, Japan!
All: YEAH!!

With their fists in the air, the nine twenty-somethings smile. Chichibu, nestled just to the right of Han’ao would play host to a brand new world.