Ti-Chan: I’m not sure about this. How many bedrooms are in this house and how big are they?
Lily: Well I know it was only supposed to be the three of us, but it’ll be fine once you see the floor plan.

Marlowe takes a chair and turns it backwards. He sits on the chair wrong-way, leaning his arms and chin over the backrest, facing Lily’s table.

Lily:….. hmm…. Six big bedrooms and then one tiny one. Cecil, you and Violet can have the master bedroom. Techno, you and I can share the second-biggest one. 
Silas: That last bedroom’s too small. 
Marlowe: Yeah.
Kameko: I don't think any of us should take it. I dunno, just a funny hunch I guess.
Silas: Yeah. Hey, this one's roomy. 
Marlowe: If you can keep your exercise crap on your side for a change, we can split it. 
Silas: Alright, but bring your own computer. I'm sick of seeing all your mecha schoolgirl porn on my screen.
Marlowe: Oh come on, it's classic!
Lily: And for Ti-Chan, Ruey and Kameko, I guess that leaves you each one room then.
Ti-Chan I’ll take the room on the other side of the tiny one.
Techno: Oooooh, needing privacy are we?
Ti-Chan: Shut up.
Techno: Okay, all agreed then?
All: YES!!
Ti-Chan: Alright then. Get some rest tonight. Tuesday morning, we leave for Chichibu-Tama, Japan!
All: YEAH!!

With their fists in the air, the nine twenty-somethings smile. Chichibu, nestled just to the right of Han’ao would play host to a brand new world.



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