Yesterday evening, I opened the mailbox to find this pen drawing of Ki-Chan waiting for me! It reminds me of the many sketches I had all around my house as I was growing up. The sketch comes courtesy of Roger Delmar, who as you know not only is a video content producer on YouTube, but also has a small role in Ki-Chan's first book!
Isn't this adorable? I just love how the curls were drawn! 

This piece was drawn by Moon Prism Otaku on Twitter in pencil. Make sure you give her a follow and let her know I sent you! 

She also provides my Sailor Moon site with some amazing art.
I am totally enamored with @RINIPAN's Chibi sprites for Ki-Chan's group! If you want to see more, head on over to her Twitter account and tell her I told you to follow her!
Isn't she cute? What better way to celebrate Ki-Chan's book launch and birthday than with really cool art!  This gif comes courtesy of @RINIPAN on Twitter. Tweet her a "thank you" and give her a follow for me!