<![CDATA[Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Official Website - ♥Fan Art♥]]>Thu, 20 Jul 2017 13:48:38 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[HandlebarOrionX: Ki-Chan on Swapdoodle]]>Thu, 02 Mar 2017 04:36:05 GMThttp://ki-chan.org/heartsfan-arthearts/handlebarorionx-ki-chan-on-swapdoodle
HandlebarOrionX is not only my first art student, he's also my younger brother. He recently took time out of his busy schedule to sketch a Capcom reminiscent Ki-Chan for me!

He does SEGA, WayForward, Nintendo, Square Enix and Capcom related artwork on his Redbubble account. If you're into video game nostalgia, his artwork is right up your alley. Grab a coffee mug and give him a follow!
<![CDATA[Drakeo: Hadagi on Swapdoodle]]>Thu, 02 Mar 2017 04:30:26 GMThttp://ki-chan.org/heartsfan-arthearts/drakeo-hadagi-on-swapdoodle
So I've only been playing Swapdoodle on Nintendo 3DS for a little while. One of the first messages I received is from my good friend Drakeo who has been supportive of my artwork for many years. You can follow him on Twitter, be sure to send him a shout-out for me!
<![CDATA[Roger Delmar: Ki-Chan and the Car]]>Mon, 14 Nov 2016 00:01:07 GMThttp://ki-chan.org/heartsfan-arthearts/november-13th-2016
Yesterday evening, I opened the mailbox to find this pen drawing of Ki-Chan waiting for me! It reminds me of the many sketches I had all around my house as I was growing up. The sketch comes courtesy of Roger Delmar, who as you know not only is a video content producer on YouTube, but also has a small role in Ki-Chan's first book!
<![CDATA[Moon Prism Otaku: Ki-Chan!]]>Fri, 04 Nov 2016 23:26:49 GMThttp://ki-chan.org/heartsfan-arthearts/moon-prism-otaku-ki-chan
Isn't this adorable? I just love how the curls were drawn! 

This piece was drawn by Moon Prism Otaku on Twitter in pencil. Make sure you give her a follow and let her know I sent you! 

She also provides my Sailor Moon site with some amazing art.
<![CDATA[RINIPAN: Chibi Ki-Chan Cast!]]>Fri, 04 Nov 2016 02:02:38 GMThttp://ki-chan.org/heartsfan-arthearts/rinipan-chibi-ki-chan-cast
I am totally enamored with @RINIPAN's Chibi sprites for Ki-Chan's group! If you want to see more, head on over to her Twitter account and tell her I told you to follow her!
<![CDATA[RINIPAN Chibi Ki-Chan]]>Thu, 03 Nov 2016 22:43:03 GMThttp://ki-chan.org/heartsfan-arthearts/rinipan-chibi-ki-chan
Isn't she cute? What better way to celebrate Ki-Chan's book launch and birthday than with really cool art!  This gif comes courtesy of @RINIPAN on Twitter. Tweet her a "thank you" and give her a follow for me!