Greetings fellow YellowCapperZ!

Do you want to help get the word out about Ki-Chan on a budget? Then this handy little page should be right up your alley! Simply print the image onto paper, (or you can use a sheet of Avery 28371 business cards) cut them apart and then hand them out to your friends, family or people you meet at random. Leave a few at the library, book store or comic shop and ask if they can order a copy for you!
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Greetings YellowCapperZ! 

Today you embark on a new chapter in your life as a member in good standing for Ki-Chan's Street Team.

As a member of the street team, all you have to do is share stuff from this website. Talk about Ki-Chan using the hashtag #KiChan and you will be making a HUGE difference. 

Want more to do? Well below you can download your membership card, certificate and a flyer you can print out and share. Share it at a community center, library, grocery store, or just hang it up as a poster at your house or dorm. Bonus points if you take a selfie in front of the flyer, again hashtagging #KiChan!

The left file is your membership card and certificate and the right is the flyer. Good luck!
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    Street Team

    Did you know? YOU are the real reason why Ki-Chan is making waves. That's no BS, YOU really are the deciding factor in all of this! Your support is more powerful than you know.

    Everything you need to become an official #YellowCapper is right here. 

    All you really have to do is share stuff from this website and use the hashtag #KiChan. But if you want more to do, keep checking back here for downloads and printables.

    Best part? It's FREE! And there's no pesky forms to fill out, so you don't have to cough up any personal info.


    March 2017
    December 2016